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Wolfgang Sadee | Chief Science Officer & Founder



A globally respected thought leader in opioid pharmacology, Dr. Wolfgang Sadee is a founder of æther Therapeutics and serves as Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Sadee is also Professor em. of Cancer Biology and Genetics, College of Medicine, at the Ohio State University, and Professor em. of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences, Colleges of Pharmacy and Medicine, at the University of California San Francisco. Dr. Sadee’s prolific research (well over 400 research papers and monographs) has focused on opioid pharmacology, therapeutics, pharmacogenomics, drug response and toxicity.


John Harris | Chief Executive Officer


Joining aether THERAPEUTICS in July 2022 as CEO, Mr. Harris brings the critical skillsets, focus and experience to successfully propel the development of 6β-Naltrexol (6βN). Prior to æther, he was the CEO of balboa RESEARCH SMO+, a leading clinical research organization, executing over 50 clinical trials. Mr. Harris’ background at large, medium and start-up organizations in the biotech and cell therapy fields provide deep operational, executive and market development savvy.


Rick Hawkins | Founder 



Rick Hawkins is a 40 year veteran in the biotechnology field and has founded/co-founded three companies that were successfully sold (Pharmaco à PPD; Sensus à Pfizer; Covance à Azko Nobel). In addition to his keen interest in æther THERAPEUTICS, Mr. Hawkins currently runs both ID2 (a pharmaceutical accelerator) and Lumos Pharma, in his role of CEO and Chairman.

Jon Saxe.jpg

Jon Saxe | Chairman


Chairman of the æther THERAPEUTICS Board of Directors, Jon Saxe brings a wealth of experience, having served on over 25 Boards with multiple successful exits. Mr. Saxe was the Vice President, Corporate Development & Licensing, of Hoffmann-LaRoche, CEO of Synergen, President of PDL Biopharma between 1995 and 2000 and served on its board between 1989 and 2010. Currently, Mr. Saxe is the lead director of the investment entity Kyto Technology and Life Sciences.


John Mckew | Chief Clinical Advisor


John McKew’s tremendous background with the NIH (Chief @ National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences & Director @ Translational Therapeutics) and deep biotech chops (Head of Research @ Tyr Pharma and President of Lumos Pharma) is a tremendous asset to æther THERAPEUTICS. 

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