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breaking the chains of ADDICTION:


Ligand-Free Signaling of G-Protein-Coupled Receptors: Relevance to μ Opioid Receptors in Analgesia and Addiction

  • Molecules September 2022


Potent at low doses, 6ß-Naltrexol (LD-6ßN) prevents addiction while not affecting analgesia or causing withdrawal.

Pre-clinical studies funded by NIH and NIDA have shown that LD-N potently reverses the opioid dependent state by lowering elevated ligand-free signaling of the µ opioid receptor (MOR), a driver of opioid dependence. In short, LD-N acts as a Retrograde Addiction Modulator™

LD-6ßN, a First-in-Class Treatment for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome:

LD-N is a first-in-class treatment strategy and the first drug of its kind to focus on treatment and prevention of NAS during the pregnancy with the additional benefit of working with existing treatment practices of maintenance therapy.  6BN functions by selectively blocking opioid effects in the fetal brain during opioid replacement therapy in pregnancy.  The concept underlying this innovation is straightforward, but our novel approach allows us to safely treat both mother and baby.  

Thus, this first of its kind treatment is able to treat and avoid the development of NAS when administered during pregnancy alongside opioid maintenance therapies that would otherwise result in the development and onset of NAS.  

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